Past Projects


Glen-Bromac’s competitiveness

tender projects:

  • Singapore Police Force.
  • Singapore Prisons
  • MDA
  • HSA
  • National Library Board
  • Customize carpentry job with choices surface of lamination.
  • Supply of customize high quality wooden crates and boxes are used in the packing of various products during transportation and freight.


  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • ITE
  • Polytechnics and Institutions

GLEN-bromac’s Corporate Client

Corporate customers

  • AIA Singapore Pte Ltd ( formerly American International Assurance Company Ltd)
  • AIG (American Insurance Group
  • Citibank
  • City Axis Interior Pte Ltd
  • Compaq Computers
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • DMG & Partners Securities
  • Hewett Packard
  • K C Dat Logistics Pte Ltd
  • National Library Board
  • Raffles International Ltd
  • Samwoh Corporation Ltd
  • Yang Kee Chemical Logistics
  • Unigroup Worldwide UTS (S)
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